DiscDogaThon (Frisbee) Event In Ohio October 30th
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Thread: DiscDogaThon (Frisbee) Event In Ohio October 30th

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    DefaultDiscDogaThon (Frisbee) Event In Ohio October 30th

    Ohio Air Dogs is hosting a DiscDogaThon in Northeast Ohio October 30th. Newcomers to Disc Dogs are welcome as we will have Novice Divisions. This is a Skyhoundz sanctioned event. If your lab can catch a Frisbee this is an event you will love!

    This event will include several disc events.

    Spot Landing allows the local host to configure circular landing zones in different locations on the competition field. Competitors are rewarded with various point values for catches in which the canine lands with all paws inside a scoring zone. The Hyperflite DiscDogathon host determines the point values, location and distances of landing zones from the throwing area. Catches landing outside scoring zones are worth one point each (canine effort point(s), however, the thrower must attempt to reach the scoring areas to earn the canine effort point(s). Competitors receive 60 seconds to score as many points as they can.

    TimeTrial Each team will attempt to complete two 20-yard throws in the shortest amount of time

    Bullseye is a fast-paced and updated derivation of the original circular canine disc distance format. Scoring rings are located at 8 and 15 yards, respectively, from the throwing circle. Competitors may use two discs to complete throws in any direction. The thrower and the canine must be within a 4-yard (in diameter) circle for the first throw. Thereafter, the thrower must be within the throwing circle at the time each throw is made. Competitors receive one minute to score as many points as they can. One point is awarded for catches made between the 8 and 15-yard lines, and two points are awarded for throws outside of the 15-yard line. An extra point is awarded for each catch made by a canine with all paws off the ground.

    Accuracy and Distance. Each team is scored on distance of catches in a one minute round. extra points are awarded if dog is airborne when catching.

    Registration begins at 11:00 event starts at Noon. You may enter one or all of the competitions. We will also have some Halloween Fun for everyone! Free Competition Discs for all competitors!

    Furnace Run MetroParks
    4955 Townsend Rd., Richfield, Ohio
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