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    DefaultStorm Jumped!!!

    6 months old and we took him to a DockDogs practice in Maine. Simon (my golden) posted his BEST jump of 12 feet! (I know, its not great, but it's good for him!)

    But the biggest news was getting Storm on the dock. he's been watching for awhile now (seriously- you could see his gears turning at the past few events), and when he was waiting his turn, he did nothing but BARK BARK BARK. we were like, "could he seriously know"

    Well, let me tell you, he did. He didn't even wait for a toy! John (hubby) took off his leash and he SPRINTED into the water. Everyone had a pretty good laugh, and Storm had a BLAST! His best jump was about 5 feet, but right now, it's all about having fun and "getting his feet wet", LOL.

    Watch out, Duke, a Storm's a-coming!
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    What a great picture - I love it!

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    It was great meeting you, John, Simon and Storm on Saturday! I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other. Your dogs are gorgeous. I'll post the pic later this week. Snicks was soooo tired on the drive home. It was great!
    Sue & Snicks in New Hampshire

    "I got the ball Mom....!!!"

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    iv been kind of interested in this same with agility and sar is it hard to train your dog i know bentley is a natural i took him to our campground this last summer and i threw a rubber toy into there he sprinted off the dock and jumped right in! is it hard to get started?
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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