Dock Dogs in Scarborough Maine last weekend
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Thread: Dock Dogs in Scarborough Maine last weekend

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    DefaultDock Dogs in Scarborough Maine last weekend

    For the second weekend this month, there was another National DockDogs event in Maine. This time in Scarborough.
    EVERY wave was full-I have NEVER seen such a full dockdogs event!
    Simon, my golden had a pretty good weekend.. two first place ribbons in the Novice division, a whopping 10 foot jump (and another junior leg)
    But the biggest news of all is that STORM JUMPED... TWICE!
    He's still too young to compete (5 months), but I managed to find some quiet time, and DockDogs has the most AMAZING wranglers... for those of you that know any of the dockdogs staff, Bob D was really helpful. I managed to get him to jump on Friday (okay, more of a slide in, but that dock is HIGH for a puppy!), and then again on Sunday!
    He was at the bottom of the steps, waiting his turn to get on the dock, BARKING BARKING BARKING, as though he knew what was going on and couldn't WAIT for his turn. It was adorable!
    Look out, Big dogs! a Storm's a-coming!
    (I think some pictures were taken-I have to check with a friend and I'll try to post them as soon as I find out!)

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    I'm so bummed that I couldn't get up there! It sounds like we had a lot of members there from our club. I will be going to the event in Union, ME August 20 & 21st though!
    Sue & Snicks in New Hampshire

    "I got the ball Mom....!!!"

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    Nice jump I love seeing dogs doing sport events.

    Amy & kimber

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    (just seeing this thread now)
    We had a GREAT time in Scarborough!! We loved the area (my husband loved Cabela's, lol), the people, the way it was run- the Kennel Shop did an amazing job. Apollo loved the free doggie icecream
    "Apollo", CGC- black Labrador Retriever
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    "Patty"- black American Cocker Spaniel
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