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    Hi everyone, I thought that I would cross post this information for anyone who might know who would be able to help this young lab. This is from a member of the golden retriever forum that I belong to:

    Oh man, I need help!


    I was awakened by Gus's crazy man bark and what I thought was a knock on the door. The first thing that I thought was that I'd forgotten someone had made an appointment to come see the house today (we're selling it). I ran to the door in my pjs, opened it, and there stood the owner of the 2 black labs, Ace and Daisy, that keep coming to my house.

    I stepped out on the front porch and told him that we didn't have them, and he said he knew, did I want the male dog? At this point, I have been awake for like 30 seconds, so I was like, "Ace?" He just kept calling him the male dog. Anyway, apparently they got one of those zip cord things to keep him tied up in the back yard, and all he's done is bark all week, and they haven't slept all week. So the wife told the husband to get rid of him.

    He told me if we didn't take him, he was taking him to the pound, so I said of course we'd take him. He came back in about 5 minutes with Ace, told me he was about a year old and probably due for a rabies shot. And that was that.

    I'm pretty sad for Ace--he's never been away from Daisy for his whole life. Also, I'm worried because someone has bought this house and we close on the 29th, and we can't take Ace with us to our new house. But I knew that was better than letting him go to the pound.

    Does anyone know of anyone who would want to adopt him? I will also contact rescues about him. He's a sweetie pie, loves to be petted, but he needs some manners (I guess he didn't teach himself while he was tied up outside).


    Thanks Claudia

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