Ohio labrador 1 year old
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Thread: Ohio labrador 1 year old

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    DefaultOhio labrador 1 year old

    Excerpt from an email I received from a buddy:
    I received a phone call today that a friend of a friend has found year old black lab, female that weighs about 50 lbs. She is currently with a trainer in Wadsworth and the trainer believes the dog has the potential of being a therapy dog. Put the feelers out and see if you know of anybody who is in need of another dog. If you need more information you can call Ann Marie at xxxxxxx She is owner of Barnes Sewing in the Falls and the one who found the dog. She can't keep it herself, already has two dogs and a cat that was attacked a year ago by a dog, losts it tail and almost had a leg amputated.

    I guess all the shelters in the area are filled to the brim. Ann Marie was going online to see if there was a lab rescue in the area. Maybe if you know of one you could let her know. GRIN continues to take in dogs, what did we do before we had rescues for breeds.

    PM me if you want the phone number - I don't really want to post it on an open forum

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    DefaultRe: Ohio labrador 1 year old

    Awww I wish I had the room as I live just 20 miles out of Wadsworth. I do have a friend who just lost his Lab to cancer. He may be interested as he loves Sawyer and said he was going to want anouther Lab.
    Sawyer And Morrison

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