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    Hello All,

    I've been asked to help find homes for the remaining dogs from our previous breeder. Dave Pascoe, the man who sold us our dogs, passed away suddenly last October. His wife is unable to care for their remaining 8 dogs and is looking to find homes for them. She doesn't want money for them, just good homes.

    As I get more details on the dogs, I will update this thread. These are really great dogs and I'm sure would make great pets. Our family has 5 collectively. I have 3 and my parents have two. If she still has the father of three of my dogs, I might be willing to take him in.

    Here's a pic of our guys to give you an idea of what her dogs will look like:

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    DefaultRe: Cathlamet Labs

    Any additional details yet?

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    Here's an update for the labs. I picked up their stud dog: Whiskey. He's 11 and a really great dog. Unfortunately these dogs are not being cared for the way Dave would have. This is truly going to be a rescue situation. There are a mix of yellows, chocolates, and I believe a couple of blacks. I didn't get a chance to hang around the kennel much, but was able to see the conditions have decayed over the past months since Dave died.

    I will take Whiskey in for his neuter and dew claw removal. He's also in need of a dental cleaning and exam. I don't think they are being fed good dry food. He's since taken to his new diet of Purina One for Seniors. His energy levels and overall disposition have improved dramatically in the past few days. He's settling in nicely.

    Laurie, the widow of the breeder wants the dogs gone. She will give them free to good homes. If you contact me via this board, I will give you her phone number. Again, she's located in Cathlamet, WA; just west of Longview.

    Here's Whiskey. He's the father of four of our dogs:


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