Hi, my family owns a wonderful, huge, intelligent four year old yellow lab whom we love dearly. We know how fabulous labs are, and I have a very good friend who shares our love for labs and dogs in general. However, my friend also has the unfortunate duty of being a part of the euthanization of dogs on a weekly basis, as she is an employee for an Ohio county kill shelter.

My friend does NOT know I am posting this, I found the site by searching on-line, and thought it was worth the time to post. I know how hard it is to find good homes for the number of dogs she is dealing with right now, and every dog rescued or adopted is one less that will have to be put to sleep. At the present time, her shelter is over capacity at 24 dogs; with nine being lab and lab mix breed dogs. ALL NINE of the lab/lab mix dogs are primarily BLACK. SEVEN of the nine being babies, several being siblings and one of the pups who came in with a litter is marked differently like a Rott, BUT has a birth defect that makes one of his rear legs unusable. One of the other two black lab/lab mix dogs is an adult, the other an older pup/young adult. FIVE of the nine are currently scheduled to be put down THIS WEDNESDAY due to shelter overcrowding. Black dog syndrome is going to strike the Morrow County Dog Shelter hard this week on Wednesday 03-26-08 if no one comes to save these poor black labs. If you would happen to have the room and resources to save any of these little ones, please contact the Morrow County Dog Shelter in Mt. Gilead, Ohio at Phone: 419-946-1747

Again, please remember this is NOT a solicitation from the Morrow County Dog Shelter, this is a posting from a lab-lover who can not personally adopt any more dogs, knows of numerous labs in need in one location, and is reaching out to any rescue who may possibly be in a position to help.

Thank You