No-Kill Shelters in mid to low Ohio? (pics)
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Thread: No-Kill Shelters in mid to low Ohio? (pics)

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    DefaultNo-Kill Shelters in mid to low Ohio? (pics)

    Does anyone know of any No-kill shelters or rescues in the lower half of Ohio that takes mixed breed dogs? A friend of ours, who is truely a wonderful, unique human being , has personally rescued more dogs (and horses) than anyone I know other than our Joe. He resuced 2 pups about 1.5 months ago, who were starving in a womans back field. He normally tries to find homes for them in the area, or takes them to a no-kill shelter that is over 3 hours away from us. I am trying to find a no-kill shelter or rescue that could take them. He brought them over today and they are just wonderful puppies - app. 5 months old, probably a collie mix - very heavy, nice coats, beautiful large, bushy tails, friendly and smart (he is teaching them basic commands. They are sisters. Please try to overlook the pickup truck part. He takes his dogs for rides in the back of an open pick-up truck. They were restrained so that they could not jump out - but I know that it is a awful idea - just can't really do anything about it. One reason we are looking a little closer this time is that they both get car-sick and he really didn't want to drive them so far. Plus the cost of gas is an issue for him. Did I mention that he is a vietnam vet and suffers from lung cancer? (he is also an ace barber and cuts mine and Su's hair.) Hmmm - after looking at the pics again, maybe shepard/husky mix? Would make more sense around here - you dont' see too many collies.

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    DefaultRe: No-Kill Shelters in mid to low Ohio? (pics)

    I don't know of any no kill shelters in that area, but those pups sure do look HAPPY!!!! I sure hope he can find a great home for them. Nice of you to post. Have you tried posting their pics on any other site for collies, husky's or german shepards? The one with the darker face looks like she may have some GS in her...
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