This came thru on Equine-L this morning. I am in Illinois and know nothing of this dog, but the poster is a longtime poster on Equine-L. It looks like she forwarded it to the equine list. Sounds like he is in NC but can get a ride to NJ. Or maybe someone knows of a shelter that will take him.

>From: [email protected]
>I know this is not a horse-related post, but I need help desperately
>in placing a wonderful 4-year old yellow lab mix who is scheduled to
>be PTS on Tuesday. It is a shameful series of events, let me tell you.
>Sonny is 4 years old, a yellow lab mix, weight approx. 50-60
>lbs. Great with older kids (only because of his size) and great
>with other dogs. He was picked up as a stray, with his buddy a St.
>Bernard mix. The bernard got adopted, and Sonny was supposed to be
>adopted last Monday - the guy filled out all of the paperwork,
>placed his deposit and vanished! OF course, Sonny was moved from
>the adoption area into the general population area, and now there is
>no room for him back in adoption. He was supposed to have been
>euthanized on Thursday, but my friend Lisa (who runs the shelter)
>really likes him and is desperately trying to find him a home. You
>all know me - I already have 5 of them. I can't handle another
>one. WHat I CAN do is foster im for a couple of weeks until his new
>owner makes arrangements to get him. I am driving up to NJ on the
>22nd (from NC) and would be more than happy to take him with me if
>there is someone in between who might be interested in saving this
>sweet boy. We are also headed out to Williamston next week for
>Martinganza, and would be happy in bringing him with us for his new owner.
>Please, guys, put your feelers out. This one is a really sweet,
>loveable guy who doesn't deserve to be PTS because of an
>irresponsible idiot. Thanks.

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