Elbert Co Animal Control
Elberton GA (near GA/SC border. not far from I-85 corridor-- north of Atlanta)


Please note that this shelter complies with GA Dept of Agriculture regulations and will NOT allow animals released to out of state rescue/adopters UNLESS animal is spay/neutered BEFORE leaving the state. Colbert Animal Hospital (Dr Gloria Andrews) is not very far away. They offer reasonable rates for spay/neuter, boarding & possibly transport. 706-788-PETS

There only 2 volunteers at the shelter and this is RURAL shelter... none of these dogs are even on petfinder!!! They stand no chance to get adopted here... let us know if you can help.

1616 choc lab, M, 3 yrs, 85-90# - big handsome PB boy-- nice block head.. like a teddy bear!! friendly but not over the top hyper-- he knows several commands! (I tried to fix the red eye in the pics so don't mistake my poor editing skillsfor an eye problem-- he is also not red but truly chocolate-- its dark in the shelter and i had to lighten the picture)

1634 lab x M, 2 yrs, yellow w/white, 45-50# - quiet, easy guy greets you with a wagging tail!!!

1632 lab x M, yellow w/white tip on tail, 8 mths, 30# - you can't tell from the photo but he has same build/long nose as his sister who is already being rescued -- they are leaving him behind
This young fellow along with his 2 friends (small dogs) were tied to a tree and left to starve by their owners when they moved. His two friends are being rescued by a small dog rescue and this cute boy once again is being left behind... don't let him die here!!!