This is Chunkton. He is a joyful, happy loving dog! He loves to go on walks, run play and give kisses. He was brough in the shelter about a month ago. He is a beautiful Full-Blooded black lab. You couldn't ask for a sweeter dog! He is gentle and knows how to sit! He loves food and will do anything for some treats, and a hug! He lvoes to play fetch!

Chunkton has been at the shelter for awhile, and NEEDS out! PLEASE!!! He is only 1 1/2 yrs old, Neutered, all shots, dewormed..and just an awesome dog! The shelter has so many black dogs...he has been overlooked so many times.

But when the shelter gets full...he will be the first to be looked at to "Clear Space"

*I received the above in an email, the above dog is located in a shelter in NC, if anyone is interested please let me know,and I can give some contact info!*