One of the down sides of getting more well known in rescue is the increas in calls and emails I get from shelters all over the country. I usually just have to say there is nothing I can do, but sometimes they plea is so sincere and heartfelt that I feel I have to try. Such was the case with the call I received yesterday.

Ann, from Butler County Animal Shelter in Morgantown KY. called and ask if there was any possible way I could help the 3 labs they have there.

Max is the most despirate. It may even be too late for him. He has been there for several weeks and they have passed him over for euth. several times because he is such a nice boy. Ann says he is a lab/boxer mix.

Joe, Hi here is a picture of Max please if you can help he very smart and so calm, he has till Friday is his date and I can't hardly fight back the tears knowing that there is nothing that I can do, please if there is anything email me or call anytime he doesn't deserve to be on death role. God Bless,Ann

Hi, We desperately need your help I spoke with Denise she gave me your email,we have Sheba and Sadie that is on there last days I'm trying to find a rescue is there anyway that you can save them Sadie is a sweetheart she has a couple of black dots on her tongue and still a pup, them there is Sheba so smart that is isn't even funny and beautiful she is about 1 1/2 yrs, pleases give them a chance. Thanks Ann
I do not know Ann, or anything about the shelter. From the pictures it seems clean and the dogs look healthy. I know it is a small rural shelter with limited adoptions and few resources. If there is any chance someone out there would be interested in adopting or fostering one of these dogs, I would be happy to do all I could to make it work. I can help with transport in any direction and we can get the dog to wherever he/she may be wanted.

If you are interested in adopting or helping, please contact Ann at [email protected] or the shelter at (270) 991-2172

Keep in mind time is short for these pups. They need help ASAP!