Black Lab Bristol TN (ad I saw on Craigslist)
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Thread: Black Lab Bristol TN (ad I saw on Craigslist)

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    OK, I shouldn't be up this late online ....because I just found another "lab"... She looks enough like a lab in the picture to me! What do you think?

    I don't know these people but since I stumbled across the ad listing I thought why not post this dogs picture here. She's a very lovely dog in the picture. (Don't get me started on wondering why they'd give away such a nice dog bec' moving isn't a valid reason to me since I've been all over the country with my dogs, or why on earth the dog sleeps in a dogs are sprawled out on the bed at night)

    Here's the link to her ad and the info on craigslist:
    Sweet Black Lab + Crate (Bristol)
    Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]
    Date: 2009-07-13, 8:26AM EDT

    This doggy was a stray when we found her. She is approximately 4 years old, is in healthy condition with current vaccinations, and has been spayed. She weighs approximately 58 pounds, and stands about 23 inches high at the shoulder. She is probably not pure black lab as she has a little chocolate-colored fur on her legs. She is very energetic, and sweet, and needs someone who can give attention to training her. She is able (in our experience) to get along well with many dogs (including a dachshund, and a golden retriever who used to come over for play dates). She may not, however, "back down" when approached by an aggressive dog. She likes children, but needs training to prevent her from jumping up on people. She is accustomed to being crated at nighttime, and is not used to staying indoors unattended. (We will let her crate go with her to her new home.)

    We originally took her in hoping that we would find her true owners, but we now are moving and must find her a permanent home. Thanks!

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