Hello everyone! I am helping a friend who is needing to find forever homes for two labs that she has. One is named Goldie and the other named Blackie. Here is some information about them that I got in an e-mail from her.

Goldie was dropped off as a puppy and she is about 2 1/2 years old. She
has a couple of "flaws". Her "third" eyelid (on the bottom of her eye) comes up higher than it normally
would. The vet said that her eyeball is smaller than normal. It causes her eyes to be irritated at
times, but there is nothing that can be done. The vet said surgery is out because she needs the protection
of the eyelid. The second thing is that she was attacked by another dog on the property, and her
hind legs are a bit stiff legged. She is a very friendly dog, and her coat is beautiful. She likes
attention, and doesn't care for the kennels. She is most happy when she has some space!
She is not aggressive in any way. I haven't exposed her cats, so I can't say about them, but
if I had to venture a guess, based on her personality, she would not bother them. She is
sort of laid back.

The black lab reminds me of a young buck! He is full of energy, and needs lots of space!
He demolished one of our kennels! DOES NOT like to be confined at all! He is beautiful,
and looks pure bred. When he smells or spots something, he will take that stance that
the hunting dogs do, and he is absolutely gorgeous! He is very friendly and obeys. He is
very smart. He probably would chase cats and anything else that moves! He is so
lovable. He has been altered and I will have to check on Goldie. There is nothing
on her card, but I will look through the vet bills, because, she has been to the vet several
times. I know she has had her rabies shots, etc.

Goldie would be good with a woman or a couple, and Blackie could be for anyone that likes
a spirited dog.

And here is a picture of Goldie, she does not have a picture of Blackie just yet, but that is in the works. Please if anyone is in the GA area and would like to foster or adopt, please let me know!! Thank you!!!

http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=6454905 (this is Goldie.)