Princess needs a loving home.
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Thread: Princess needs a loving home.

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    DefaultPrincess needs a loving home.

    Hello everyone! I have a black lab who needs a home. She came home with my husband while he was out on a walk about three months ago. We brought her to the shelter the next day, a Saturday. I went back in and had to keep her "for the weekend" because I did not want her in a tiny cell all weekend long. Well, she has been with us since then. Just the thought of her having to stay at the shelter even one night saddens me. She is a very sweet dog who loves going on walks, car rides, and running in the school yard. She'll sit behind the car and wait for us to open the back door so that she can come along for a ride. She is great with kids and our cat. We plan on moving into an apartment for a while, and I don't want her in apartment all day. Please let me know if you are willing to give Princess a loving home. I am in Central CA.


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    She'd be fine in an apartment. She sounds like a great fit in your family!
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    I live in an apartment and Oona weighs 75lbs. As long as you exercise them everyday an apartment is just fine.

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    Trish, she's with you for a reason. Keep her! She'll be absolutely fine in an apartment!!

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    I know it, she is a perfect fit. When I saw that comment the other day, I said, "Nooo, you're not supposed to say that." My husband laughed and said, "but she is." I did say something along those lines before reading that. I just didn't mean to keep her forever, but it's hard to give her up now.

    We have a 2 yr old who will grab her face and talk to her and kiss her. She'll just sit there and not do a thing. It worries me that he'll hurt her or aggravate her, but she doesn't show it if he does.

    Well, change of plans anyway. We're leaving for Louisiana this weekend or the beginning of next week. We plan on asking my husband's step-brother to keep her or house her until we settle down. I just don't know yet. I do have a huge family in Louisiana I can ask. I may go over into Louisiana and Florida forums to search for a home. I'm babbling. She may just stay with us if we can make it work.

    I'll come back and post pictures that I've taken. She's very photogenic.

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