3 legs to fill - OH & NY Buddy the yellow lab needs you
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Thread: 3 legs to fill - OH & NY Buddy the yellow lab needs you

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    Default3 legs to fill - OH & NY Buddy the yellow lab needs you

    PLEASE CROSSPOST! Thank you!

    April 28th -29th
    Gladwin, MI to Cornwall, NY

    Transport Coordinator: Sarah Hansen
    E-Mail: [email protected] yahoo.com
    Cell phone: (518)469.3824

    Coming From: Gladwin County Animal Shelter
    Location: Gladwin, MI
    Website: www.petfinder. com/shelters/ MI547.html
    Contact Person: Krystal
    E-Mail: [email protected] com

    Receiving Rescue: OCC Retriever Rescue
    Location: Newburgh, NY
    Website: www.occretrieverrescue.com
    Contact Person: Sarah Hansen or Jennifer Migdal
    E-Mail: [email protected] yahoo.com or
    [email protected] yahoo.com

    Passenger was pulled from this high kill shelter
    just in the nick of time and MUST get on transport
    this weekend. Detailed passenger info is at the
    bottom of the run.
    Permission to crosspost.
    Thank you!

    Saturday, April 28, 2007

    LEG #1: Gladwin, MI to Midland, MI / 36 miles / 45
    7:45am-8:30am ***Thank you Krystal!***

    LEG #2: Midland, MI to Brighton, MI / 97 miles /1
    hour 30 min.
    8:40am-10:10am ***Thank you Darcel & Mom!***

    LEG #3: Brighton, MI to Toledo, OH / 72 miles / 1
    hour 10 min.
    10:25am-11:35am ***Thank you Miranda!***

    LEG #4: Toledo, OH to Milan, OH / 66 miles / 1 hour 5
    11:50am-12:55pm ***Thank you Karen!***

    LEG #5: Milan, OH to Cleveland, OH / 58 miles / 1
    1:10pm-2:10pm ***Thank you Georgette!** *

    LEG #6: Cleveland, OH to Conneaut, OH / 72 miles / 1
    hour 15 min.
    2:25pm-3:40pm ***Thank you Micki!***

    LEG #7: Conneaut, OH to Westfield, NY / 64 miles /
    1hour 5 min.
    4:00pm-5:05pm ***Needed***

    LEG #8: Westfield, NY to Cheektowaga, NY / 64
    miles/ 1 hour 5 min. 5:20pm-6:25pm ***Needed***

    ***OVERNIGHT* ** ***Thank you Susan!***

    Sunday, April 29, 2007

    LEG #9: Cheektowaga, NY to Henrietta, NY / 65 miles /
    1hour 5 min.
    8:55am-10:00am ***Thank you Molly!***

    LEG #10: Henrietta, NY to Syracuse, NY / 85 miles /
    1hour 25 min.
    10:15am-11:40am ***Needed***

    LEG #11: Syracuse, NY to Herkimer, NY / 67 miles /
    1hour 10 min.
    11:55am-1:05pm ***Thank you Tim!***

    LEG #12: Herkimer, NY to Scotia, NY / 63 miles /
    1hour 5 min.
    1:25pm-2:30pm ***Needed*** Pending

    LEG #13: Scotia, NY to Saugerties, NY / 63 miles /
    1hour 5 min.
    2:45pm-3:50pm ***Needed*** Pending

    LEG #14: Saugerties, NY to Cornwall, NY / 53 miles /1
    4:05pm-5:05pm ***Filled by rescue***

    End of transport – thank you for saving Buddy's life!!!

    Passenger: Buddy
    Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever
    Age: ~7 months old
    Weight: lbs.
    Gender: Male
    Altered: Yes
    Personality: VERY sweet puppy
    Reason for Transport: From kill shelter to approved
    Crate: Not provided
    Leash/Collar: Yes
    Crate Trained: Yes
    House Trained: 100%
    Car Riding Behavior: good
    Vaccinations: UTD
    Heartworm: Neg.
    Known medical/behavioral problems: None

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    DefaultRe: 3 legs to fill - OH & NY Buddy the yellow lab needs you

    You may want to put this in Lab Chat there is a lot more traffic in there hopefully someone will be able to help fill them.
    <br />Barbara, Mocha, Zeus, &amp; Smeagol

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    DefaultRe: 3 legs to fill - OH & NY Buddy the yellow lab needs you

    Buddy is safe.
    Thanks to everyone who helped this guy. I'm pretty sure he will be a "foster failure" because he is such a good dog. Thank you Sarah for driving the extra legs to get him, it was great meeting you and your mom after talking all this time on the phone. Thanks to OCC Rescue, this is the 8th Lab they have pulled out of the Midland MI shelter in the last two months. There is a sad note to all of this, Sarah said that Midland is now going to start selling the dogs to laboratories to do product testing on, and you know they will take the healthiest, gentlest dogs first.


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