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Thread: foster parent???

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    Defaultfoster parent???

    didnt search first, im too lazy at 130 am.

    where would a person who lives in VA find out about being a foster parent to a lab in need of a home, and where could i learn about how long the dogs are there, how old the dogs usually are ect......

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    DefaultRe: foster parent???

    Lab Rescue of LRC of the Potomac (covers Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia)
    P.O. Box 1741
    Silver Spring, MD 20915
    (301) 299-6756 (recording -- leave a message)
    (adoption application and other information available on web site)
    [email protected]

    Labrador Retriever Rescue Inc. (based in Clinton, MD; covers Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia, and parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware)
    (301) 868-3524 (information and voice mail), [email protected]
    (301) 868-7179 (fax)
    Susan Wells, Director

    Here are the two i found on the web. Hope it helps. I foster and the dogs are usually with me from a few weeks to at most a few months.. longest i had one was 4 months...and the dogs can be anything from pups to seniors... The one i have now the owner died and hes 7 yrs old. and we are getting ready to get in about (5) 8 month old pups... so it just all depends.. good luck and i hope u can become a foster home.. most rescues are always looking for good fosters! and its soo much fun to watch them learn new things and see how much they change even in the first week... and then when they get adopted to get updates and pictures ocasionally is awesome..


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