I know very little about this - just got an email. Evidently they are two 4-year old brothers - their owner is very ill - here is what the email said:

If anyone knows someone that might be interested....................

These dogs only have until next week before they have to go to a shelter.

Details: Black Labs, Male, Adult, Altered. Darling Hunter and
Fame are two gorgeous pure-bred labs, brothers, who find themselves
needing a new home now that their owner has become too ill to care for
them. They are truly wonderful dogs. The owner's grandchildren can
crawl all over them and like a typical lab; they just lay there and
love it. Both are neutered, and up to date on their shots. They are
housebroken and are very well behaved. They are about 4 years old. We
would love to keep these two boys together if possible; they are the
best of friends.

Please contact [email protected] or call 216-397-2939. Thanks!

I have pictures too - but can't fiddle with them at work. PM me if you want them.