for whatever reason some dogs call to me more than others..this one does and I wish I still had a rescue I'd pull and foster him.* With his size, mix and being a male he has little chance.

CROSS-POSTED:* Please contact [email protected]

An update from SAbrina in Shelbyville, KY.* Please pas
it on.* This guy sounds amazing and was brought up
with children.* So now we know he's good with kids AND
other dogs!*

Impound #24
> Shelter number is 502-633-0009
> Shelby County Animal Shelter, Shelbyville, Kentucky

Thank you.

If the photo doesn't go through, please go through Petfinder to find the shelter and get its photos or contact [email protected]

> Subject: Shelbyville,KY: Rejected gentle giant still
> needs a home
> Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 16:35:46 -0500
> From: [email protected]
> To: undisclosed-recipients:;
>* November 6th update:* I called the shelter today
> and Tiger is still there.* No one has called on him.
>* They did tell me a bittersweet story that occured
> earlier today.* A lady showed up at the shelter and
> wanted to see him.* She brought her Lab with her to
> see how they would get along.* The staff said she
> asked if she could take Tiger outside to see how
> they played together.* She got out a ball and tossed
> it.* Tiger went running for the ball and instead of
> bringing it back to the lady, he brought it to her
> Lab!* Aawwww.....* *So, he loves other dogs!* And
> the saddest part of all was that when asked if she
> wanted to adopt him, she said she had to "think
> about it" because he was bigger than she expected!
> Poor buddy!* So, he still sits in his cage waiting
> for someone to give him the family he deserves!*
> Impound #24
> Shelter number is 502-633-0009
> Shelby County Animal Shelter, Shelbyville, Kentucky
> Please forward this email on!
************************************************** ******
> Attached are pictures of Tiger, a Rottie mix at the
> Shelby County Animal Shelter.* I know....... another
> Rottie, but this boy is special.* First off, he's
> HUGE.* A true gentle giant.* HE IS ONLY 10 MONTHS
> OLD. When I was walking down the corridor of the
> shelter he caught my eye not only because of his
> size, but also his sweet face.* He didn't bark once
> and just looked at me with those droopy, sad eyes.
> It turns out he was an owner surrender.* My personal
> opinion is that he was just an "inconvenience" so
> they found the quickest way to get rid of
> him....haul him to the dog pound. They stated he
> kept getting out of a hole in their fence.
> They listed on the intake form that he is good with
> kids.* They kept him outside, so he's probably not
> housebroken.* According the the paperwork,he is not
> purebred Rott, but instead has Lab in him.
> Actually, he is so big that until I spoke to the
> employees at the shelter I thought he might be a mix
> of a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.* He has the exact
> stature of this breed including the head shape &
> size.*
> Because he is listed as a Rottie, we all know what
> that means..his chances of adoption are very slim.
> He really is a great dog and is young enough to be
> trained in any way.* Please, if you can't help
> Tiger, forward this email on to others.
> This shelter is rescue friendly and does not charge
> reputable rescue groups a pull fee.* His adoption
> fee is $65.* He is not neutered, but with the
> adoption fee a $30 voucher is included for
> participating vets.* If you can save this boy,
> please contact the shelter immediately at
> 502-633-0009.* This shelter is full-every run-so we
> need to get Tiger out soon!* *
> Sabrina Schwandt
> Animal Rescue Volunteer