There is a beautiful black labrador named Neron that unfortunately had to be left at the the Miami Dade Animal Services at:

7401 NW 74 Street


The owner tired for months to find him a new home but was unsuccessful. She reached out friends, coworkers, neighbors, local organizations but there was no space for him anywhere. Due to circumstances beyond her control she had to give him up. She is beyond devestated and hoping that someone will be able to rescue him.

I've been reaching out to local organizations on her behalf in hopes that someone will rescue him and find him a good home. He is super friendly, excellent with children, and loves to play. Although he is about 7 years old he acts like a puppy at times because he is so friendly and excited to play. He knows basic commands in both english and spanish.

I unfortuantely cannot help because I am extremely allergic to this dog but I know he is super lovable and will be excellent in any home.

Thank you all so much for your help!