Marion County Animal Shelter needs fosters just for a couple of days because their shelter is an outside shelter. If they don't relocate the dogs they are going to euthanize them between 50-100 healthy dogs!!! It's awful. Same with Rocky Mountain NC. They have been networking on facebook through the site " The Patrick Miracle". They need any help they can get. If you are in the area and can help PLEASE DO. They are running out of time. Anyone in either North or South Carolina that can take a puppy just until the hurrican passes.

City of Rocky Mount Animal Control 1101 N. Church St Rocky Mount, NC 27802 Phone: (252)972-1390 Email: [email protected]

The Patrick Miracle
Now is perhaps their darkest hour. Desperately seeking donations & aid to assist in temporarily relocating ALL their animals to avoid the hurricane. If you are in the Marion/Mullins areas of South Carolina, the animals need you NOW. Visit their page & do whatever you can to help. If proper shelter can't be found FAST, dozens will be euthanized in advance of the storm as no adequate shelter exists there now.
ChipIn: Disaster Relief for the Marion County Animal Shelter