I have been so lucky! My breeder happened upon a photo of a pure bred black lab at her local animal shelter who was going to be euthanized in the next 24 hours. She took him and called me. I adopted him but not before sending him to her vet to be neutered, vaccinated, and examined for heart worms, etc. He was in the animal shelter for six weeks....the vet tested him and he has heartworm. They seem to think it's no big deal and that he will be treated with something and do fine.

I've only had one experience with heartworm as I keep my labs on the preventive. This was years ago though. The vet used arsenic. The dog died in a month. So now I'm worried that the same will happen to Bear. Why the animal shelter didn't test him I don't know, but has anyone had experience w/heart worm here?
Trooper's Mom

And P.S. How do you down load photos? I keep getting error messages!