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    DefaultThe story of Tank

    So Abbey had just passed about 6 months prior so I was not really looking forward to getting another dog but then I heard of poor Tank. My aunt called and told me about him and she also talked to my mom about him. I saw him as a puppy and he was a regular puppy fat and cute When I saw how he looked then I broke down in tears. So we decided to get him. We of course ran across trouble. Aggressive to men, aggressive to other dogs, not like car rides, leash puller,not like cats. My mom was a little scared but I kept up with regular training. My mom settled down a bit after she saw him progress so much in just a week. Tank did not go near my dad for about 3 months until one day my dad threw him a hot dog and he went over to him and plopped down and put his head in my dad's lap. So his dog aggression also started to level out thanks to my wonderful family members bringing their dogs around. He just warmed up to 3 of my uncles and it has been 3-4 years since I have had him. He is also my big baby. He still does not like cats that much but all I have to say is leave it and he leaves it alone. Last summer he played with my uncle's pit-bull Shadow while we were camping at Smithville lake in KC and had a blast with her. He even got her to play in the water with him. Shadow is also a rescue so it was cute to see them play together even after what was done to both of them. SO now I enjoy his company and I think he enjoys mine to.

    He had no obed. training now he is the smartest guy on the block

    If you watch this vid of another black lab adn here how his living conditions were are the same of how Tank's were. Sadly this dog was even worse and this si why me,Dani,Tanya and lots of others rescue. It is to help dogs like Tank and Buck live and enjoy their lives
    YouTube - Buck's Story
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Wow, this video from YouTube made me crie. So awesome job whAt are you doing helping and saving the lives of this innocents doggies. Good job

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    quite a touching story, that animals spirit is amazing.

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