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    Hi there... just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Labs losing their teeth. Guinness is 8yrs old. Just had a check up @ the vet... all is well. He is in great health still. (Since we've gotten our pup.. he's lost over 15lbs!!!!... down to 80lbs from 97lbs) Anyway, @ his check up the vet found that he had a broken tooth. Said it wasn't a major tooth.. just one of the lower in the front & recommended just having the rest pulled. No need to try & save the tooth via root canal. Perfect, cause apparently it's a less painful & less expensive procedure. Other than that the vet commented on what great shape his teeth are in very white... no tartar buildup anywhere etc etc.

    At first we thought perhaps the tooth was broken during one of the many wrestling matches our dogs have. My husband remembers, one in particular where the dogs collided & Guinness let out a whimper (which never happens). Other than that incident we couldn't think of how it might have happened... However yesterday, when attempting to clean the puppy's teeth, I thought, I would have another look @ Guinness' as well. And that's when I found that he is now missing another tooth, just inside on the right of one the eye teeth. :'( So, now, I'm @ a loss. Not sure if he is @ an age where it is to be expected to lose a tooth or two. He luvs chewing on sticks & the occasional rawhide ... but that's it. He's always monitored when chewing either.

    Should I be concerned!?!? Guinness is the first pup I brought home ... and he's lived longer than any other pet I've had. I find myself tearing up even thinking about him getting older.

    Any advice would be great!


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    DefaultRe: Senior Lab losing teeth...

    My 2 1/2 yr old just had 2 teeth removed due to chewing on rocks it was his upper left canine and first premolar.

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    DefaultRe: Senior Lab losing teeth...

    Wow, chewing on rocks! Ouch! The broken tooth we are gonna have pulled in the New Year; although, it doesn't seem to be bothering him @ all. If it were one of the canines or molars etc.. we would try & save it.. but the vet said it would be better to pull it & be done with it. I'm just wondering if it is to be expected that he will lose other teeth due to his age and if there is anything that we can do to prevent it.


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