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    Defaultneed advice

    Emma's results from the aspiration came back as mast cells.
    The spot has now basically gone 98% away.
    The vet still wants to remove it.
    What is she going to remove, there is nothing much to remove there.
    Just the base with a slight pinkness to it.
    We were also going to remove the TPLO plate from her leg as it has been causing her problems in the cold weather.
    Any advice on what to do.

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    DefaultRe: need advice

    If it were me, based on past my experience and your vet's advice, I would definitely have that mast cell tumor removed NOW while it is SMALL.

    Ask your vet also to look into the protocol of giving Benadryl prior to surgery to minimalize the systemic release of histamines (which triggers the release/spread of malignant mast cells) during surgery on the tumor.
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    DefaultRe: need advice

    Agree...definately remove!

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    DefaultRe: need advice

    Don't hesitate! Have it removed ASAP. Those things tend to come back if not removed with a good border. Also, watch her for recurrences in other areas. Once they have had one, they are more prone to have others.


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