Hip clearances came OK! YES!
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Thread: Hip clearances came OK! YES!

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    DefaultHip clearances came OK! YES!

    Yesterday was the day... After living with two dogs who suffered hip displasya for over 8 - 12 years I was very nervous about finding a horrible result, but Homer turned 18 months and Misha 24 so they were due for the hip checkup.

    The poor kids had a rough time with the X-ray but in the end the results were great. Both Misha and Homer came perfect, everything is where it should be, femur head is perfectly shaped, round and where it should be. I was quite scared with Misha, since she has had some problems (she had pano as a pup, thought it was elbow displasya but fortunately not, she pinched a nerve three weeks ago and was limping on the rear, etc.)

    Now i´m just waiting final evaluation from the ortho specialist who will send the results to the Mexican Federation for the certification, but the three vets that took a look at the x-rays told me evertyhing is fine, they won´t have any problem with the certificate (which is the least of my concerns, my real concern was having to deal with that horrible desease again)


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    DefaultRe: Hip clearances came OK! YES!

    Wonderful news! So happy for you!


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