OK foods for puppy and adult
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Thread: OK foods for puppy and adult

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    DefaultOK foods for puppy and adult

    My puppy has been eating carrots. At least a piece or two a day. Not a whole carrot, but a slice. I always have chopped carrots in the frig. What else can they eat? Fruit? I always have apples, bananas, pears, grapes. Lots of vegies. What kind of grains can they eat?

    What are some good things?

    None of the books I have seen so far discuss this too much. They all say to stay away from: Chocolate, raisins, grapes, onions, chicken and fish bones.

    Any other things I should stay away from?

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    DefaultRe: OK foods for puppy and adult

    I personally wouldn't feed any grains.

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    DefaultRe: OK foods for puppy and adult

    The only time I would feed a grain is when the pup has an upset tummy - then it is boiled chicken and rice. Otherwise - they really do not need to eat grain. Some feed carrots, green beans, yogurt.

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    DefaultRe: OK foods for puppy and adult

    Apart from foods on the dangerous list, little bits of anything are ok in moderation.

    Chicken bones if fed raw are fine. It is cooked bones you want to avoid as they become brittle and splinter.

    Although you can feed them, I wouldn't go overboard on the fruit or veg. Any type of raw meat and and bone is the best natural treat for a dog.


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