I just finished my first post in the introduction section of the forum. Now, I need to post my first question(s) here.

I currently have my new puppy (male/9 weeks old/18 lbs) on Nutro Natural Choice Large Puppy Food. After studying the Dog Food Analysis ratings, I ordered a bag of Orijen Large Puppy Food from an Internet vendor. It has a 6 star rating, contains no grain, and DFA's review was very positive.

After placing the order, I found something in the review that I missed during the first reading. DFA expressed a concern that the protein content (42%) might be too high for large breed puppies. How much should this concern me? A 30 lb bag of the food has already been shipped. It's too late to cancel the order; and trying to return an Internet order is a hassle. What risk (if any) am I exposing to the dog if I go ahead and feed him this bag? Should I change foods again? I'm open to all suggestions.