Getting a lab puppy today - need help with food
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Thread: Getting a lab puppy today - need help with food

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    DefaultGetting a lab puppy today - need help with food

    I have my crate, collar, leash, food bowls and a rope toy.

    I got a bag of Iams puppy food to start. I am completely unsure of what % of things his food should be. The next bag I buy, I want to be a kind more suitable for him.

    Can someone help me?

    This one is IAMS Smart Puppy, Proactive Health
    Crude Protein minimum 28%
    Crude Fat minimum 17%
    Crude Fiber minimum 4%
    Moisture maximum 10%
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) minimum .01%
    Omega 6 fatty acid minimum 3%
    Omega 3 fatty acid minimum .3%

    I only bought a 7lb bag as I am not sure this is the best kind of food. What percentages of the above should I be looking for?

    Also is dry the best. Should I supplement with canned?

    What about homemade? Can I make him better food?

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    DefaultRe: Getting a lab puppy today - need help with food

    Congratulations on your new puppy. I always bought the Nylabone gumabone puppy chews for mine while they still had their puppy teeth.

    There are alot of good foods out there. You will have to see what works for your puppy. I would use the food your breeder was using and make the switch to a new food gradually so there won't be stomach issues.

    Have fun with your little one.

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    DefaultRe: Getting a lab puppy today - need help with food

    You really do need to buy what the breeder is using and make the change to something else (if you really need/want to) very, very gradually - like over the course of a efw weeks. You don't want loose poops the first week you have the puppy home, right?

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    DefaultRe: Getting a lab puppy today - need help with food

    I agree that you should keep the puppy on the breeders food and slowly switch it to a better one. I have been through dog food research for a while and I have to tell you Iams is about the same as McDonalds IMHO. Now, you don't have to go to extreams to get good food. For just a little more per month you could buy Wellness LBP, Wolf Cub, Innova, or my favorite budget brand Blue Buffalo. If you are looking for a brand that is easy to find and good go with Wellness LBP. Petco is chuck full now.

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    DefaultRe: Getting a lab puppy today - need help with food

    I just went through what you are going through now. As everyone discussed you want to keep the puppy on the food that the breeder was feeding him as long as his stomach tolerates it. The reasoning is because a new puppy will be stressed enough just getting used to his new family and enviroment. Once the puppy gets comfortable (after a week or more) then you can start switching to a better quality food. You need to do this slowly so the puppys digestive system can get used to the new food. For example only add 10% of the new food for a week or so then 20% then 30% and so on. As far as food goes I personnaly do not recommend Iams. There are much better foods out there; yes most are little more expensive but but the better foods are better quality and less filler so usually you do not need to feed as much per serving a the price pretty much levels out. Also, be very wary of prices, just because a food is high in price doesn't always mean that it's good. I personnaly feed my pup Wellness large breed puppy and my pup is doing very well on it. When you start switching to a new food start with small bags. You can switch your dog to the best food in the world but that doesn't mean that they'll like it.

    Also, buy MORE toys!!!!! Dogs, especially labs explore everything with there mouths. The more toys he has to chew on the less likely he'll chew up your furniture, your hands/feet, and even worse electrical cords.

    Good luck!
    Hope your pup brings you as much happiness as mine has. Just remember BE PATIENT as long as you are training correctly he'll eventually learn it.


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