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    DefaultOdd, bad limp

    Yesterday afternoon, Puff and I walked down the street a few houses to where we saw her Lab friend, Bucky (YM), out in the yard while his peeps were raking leaves.

    Puff often likes to be chased by other dogs, much more so when she was younger than now, but she occasionally takes off and gets (an)other dog(s) to make pursuit. For many years, Puff was by far the fastest dog she'd ever met and while she occasionally meets one as fast or slightly faster, she's still swifter and has more juking moves than 95% of her acquaintances.

    So yesterday, as usual, she took off with Bucky (overweight) behind her. Across the street, through neighbors' yards, circling back to and through us and then out again several times.

    The last time, she stopped short with a bad limp seeming in her right front leg.

    I had some trips to make and she hobbled after me to the car and reclined in the front seat, seldom sitting up. We drove 30 miles to Lake Perry to check on the sailboat we'd recently taken from the water, then 20 miles to Lake Clinton to check on rent for a year's slip in case we moved there next spring, then 30 miles home. Puff looked reluctant to jump out of the car, even from the low front passenger seat in our Honda coupe so I helped her out and she seemed grateful. She hobbled in and laid down, getting up for supper but not much else.

    When it came bedtime, she made it to my bed and hopped up and did little moving.

    I'd squeezed her right front paw, muscles, and joints to see if she'd wince but didn't get any signs. I decided that if she was still limping as bad today, we'd drive to K-State's CollVetMed Teaching Hospital to see a vet.

    This morning, Puff looked normal as I got ready for our morning walk. She did fine on that, running after the Training Dummy when I slung it a few times (but much less this morning than usual).

    And she's been okay ever since.

    What puzzles me is the limping was so badly yesterday and gone today, it seems too soon for such a quick recovery.

    Anyone else have similar experiences or suggestions as to what happened?
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    DefaultRe: Odd, bad limp

    Bob, something similar happened with Frankie. It was on and off for a couple of weeks. Turns out I'm pretty sure he broke his toe from running around.

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    DefaultRe: Odd, bad limp

    Did you check the foot to see if there was maybe something stuck in her pad or maybe a small cut? Just a thought.


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