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    I had noticed that some mornings Tripp would be in his kennel and would have two to three aggresive gags, like he had somthing in his throat. I just thought that he needed a drink. About a week or so of this every other day. Then I had the bright idea to give him a little pulled pork ( no sauce, at least i am not that dumb). The fat content really jacked him up. Squirts for two days you get the idea. I rested his gut for a day but on the second day he did the gag thing and then yacked some bile (sp?). After this the gagging was more frequent. I contacted my girlfriends dad (Vet) and from the gagging he asked, did he eat somthing? not eat? puke bile?. Smart guys those vets. Then he told me Tripp had some heartburn/acid reflux. He prescribed PeptoBis Caplets, 2 three times a day for three days. This helped but still some gags, I continued for a week a he has been good.


    Since this all started about a month after a food change (Solid Gold Wolf Cub---->Welness Core mother Hub) I think I would like to try a different food. I am wondering if the high protein has somthing to do with it or maybe try fish intead of meat. Anyone have a similar experiance, food suggestion?additive to food once daily?

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    Do you feed him twice a day? Often that yakking up of bile, especially in the morning is because of an empty stomache. My Shepherd did that very often until I fed her twice a day.

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    That honestly doesn't sound like the heartburn that Rider had. He'd eat, then guzzle water and then throw up everything. We did tagament twice a day for a few days. But I would also ask how much you feed him as well. It could very well have been some onset of Kennel Cough.
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