CoCo limping after off-leash runs
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Thread: CoCo limping after off-leash runs

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    DefaultCoCo limping after off-leash runs


    CoCo has started to limp after extended periods of play, such as our weekend trips to the off-leash park for swimming and long off-leash trail walks. We've been treating her with Bufferin when that happens. She's been to the vet, we love our vet, and he just says to keep an eye on it for now and for her to take it easy...

    I know we can do more for her. First of all, since the last time it happened was the week before last and she's barely been out for a walk since then because my DH is afraid to strain her. I think this needs to stop, I imagine this would be worse for her and would cause her to stiffin up. I'm thinking we will need to keep her walks on-leash though. She is not a super-active or hyper dog, but I know she still needs exercise. She sure loves to fetch sticks in the lake - although it is getting to cold for that now!

    What about supplements? Any other advise?

    She'll be 3 on January 6th. She is 60lbs, and her weight hasn't changed in the past 6 months. She has semi-annual vet check ups, because our vet gives a free 6-month check-up when you go in for your yearly shots and examination.
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    DefaultRe: CoCo limping after off-leash runs

    I would get x-rays, if she were mine, and have them interpreted by a radiologist. It doesn't sound like a muscle thing to me, at three she should have no problems running and playing at all without needing any kind of supplemetation.

    Also wanted to add, has your vet done any sort of joint mobility testing? (manipulating them in all ways)

    I would want to know what's causing it, for sure. *If* it is early-onset arthritis it's important to know how much joint degeneration has occurred and have a reference point for future checks. At that point I would start her on a joint supplement (glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM) and fish oil for sure, probably even vitamin C. But it's important to know where you stand first and foremost.
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    DefaultRe: CoCo limping after off-leash runs

    I'm going through something very similar with my dog. She just turned a year old in September. It started at around 6 months and, just like you, limping and toe touching after running etc. I agree with Baloo317, make an appointment with an ortho vet and have some x-rays taken. My girl may have a partially torn ACL or OCD but we didn’t find this out until after radiographs. Good luck!
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