Puppy vomiting on and off
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Thread: Puppy vomiting on and off

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    DefaultPuppy vomiting on and off

    I've got a question for you folks here. I've got a pup who has vomited a few times since Sunday, but with no other symptoms or problems I can detect.

    We went for a hike with Rupert on Sunday for a few hours. Later that day in doggy class, while horsing around with another dog, he percolated a few times and straight up horked on the floor. I saw little bits of leaves and pine needles and figured he ate something bad at the park. He puked once more there. Seemed a little lethargic the rest of the day.

    Monday he still seemed a little off, and puked twice after dinner. Ok, I figure he's got a tummy bug and I would keep an eye on it.

    Yesterday he was his old crazy self again, and did not vomit at all.

    This morning, he seemed normal, ate his breakfast, but then threw up afterwards. Yet he seems full of energy and to feel fine otherwise. If this happens one more time I'm going to the vet.

    Has anyone ever experienced this? If he seemed in pain or wasn't eating or was totally lethargic, I would have gone already.

    Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

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    DefaultRe: Puppy vomiting on and off

    I would call the vet and explain what happened. If they say bring him in I would.

    good luck


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