Shallow Breathing normal?
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Thread: Shallow Breathing normal?

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    DefaultShallow Breathing normal?

    Hi there, we've recently adopted a beautiful little 14 month old golden lab - who is active, eating well - and generally settling well into her new home.

    She's been to the vet for post-adoption check, and also for booster updates last week - the question is this:

    When she's at rest she seems to breathe around 40 breaths per minute, fairly shallow - would you say this is normal, or not? Mentioned it to the vet previously - but of course she's stressed by being in the vets - and its certainly more noticable when she's crashed out on the couch.

    Thanks for my newbie help - I've always been used to smaller breeds where the breaths are not quite so obvious, maybe.


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    Marley is 9 and does the same. It concerns us too but we are told this is normal for Labs. While the beats are still fast there is a considerable difference when she is at rest. Hard to tell since all breaths are faster than one would think is normal. She snores like a freight train too. Curious to hear what others say.

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    Giffin & Carlson, in their "Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook" say the average adult respiratory rate is 24 breaths per minute with a range from 10 to 30 breaths per minute (p. 516). So it's worth checking with your vet.

    BTW, Labs come in one of three colors: Black, Chocolate, and Yellow (which ranges from near white to the so-called "fox red" shade of yellow).

    "Golden" is for the Golden Retriever breed, never Labs.

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