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    DefaultRecessed Vulva

    I just took Abbey to a new vet a few weeks ago because we just moved and this is the first time that I was told that Abbey has a recessed vulva. The vet asked if she licks the area a lot or if there is ever any discharge, but as far as I can tell, everything seems pretty normal. I've never seen any discharge of any kind and Abbey gets a lot of belly rubs so I would notice fairly quickly if anything is going on.

    The vet said if there is nothing really going on, that we should just keep an eye on it in case something happens because it can often cause things like urinary tract infections, etc. Abbey is about a year and a half and is spayed.

    I'm still doing some "homework" on it, but has anyone had a dog with this same problem?

    Thanks in advance..!

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    DefaultRe: Recessed Vulva

    It's very common in female dogs.


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    DefaultRe: Recessed Vulva

    I have had this in 3 girls. You are lucky you have not had UTIs if you have done nothing to prevent that.

    It is always best to let a dog go thru first heat cycle as RV will usually correct itself.

    If you find she starts having issues with infection cranberry craps work great to ward off UTIs. Probiotics can also help. As well as testing urine PH at home to catch a problem early - than dbling up on crancaps and retesting. If still an issue I than take a urine sample to the vet.

    I had two pups in a litter on crancaps, etc. and neither ever had an infection and both corrected on their first heat.


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