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Thread: bump on flap of ear

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    Defaultbump on flap of ear

    I posted this on lab chat as well, just wanted to see if I could get more responses...

    Last night noticed a knot on Corona's ear. I though a tick . So start to move the hair around and it's actually a big knot. (looks more like a boil) it's pink in color, hard, smaller than a penny, but still big. it's on the flap of her ear near the edge. I know we are going to call the vet today but would like to know if anyone else's babies have had this. she's been shaking her head a couple days now. Ears look fine. today is the day I clean them. it didn't seem to bother her, when I was messing with it.

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    *points to her right palm*

    DefaultRe: bump on flap of ear

    Two of us answered in LC.



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