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    Mitzi, 8, has had allergy problems since she was three. I usually successfully treat her frequent ear infections with Otomax or Zymox, and clean with Malaseb flush. Usually both ears are involved and have a brown/maroon discharge. Lately she has had a black, tarry discharge in only one ear. Usual treatment didn't work. The vet said it may be a fungus and gave me Mometamax to try. After about a week and a half, it appeared to clear up and I stopped. It returned in a few days. I got more Mometamax and have her on it again. If it doesn't clear up, she has to go for a culture. Does anyone have any ideas of what causes a persistent black tarry discharge in only one ear? (She is on Wellness Core.)

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    Could be a seasonal thing totally different from what she's had in the past. I noticed Dutch shaking his head the other day and when I looked, sure enough he had some gunk in there. My guys get it only in early spring or early fall...they are good all other times. Could just be the change in your weather right now.


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