Red, goopy eyes
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    DefaultRed, goopy eyes

    A few weeks back, Rupert got what looked like doggy pink eye. The eyeball itself looked ok, but the lids and membranes around the eye were red and swollen. He had a consistent discharge of yellow goop.

    I took him to the vet, his eyes were ok, and they gave me an ointment to put in there for a week. It worked great. As soon as I stopped, it came back. They told me to do it for another week. Same story.

    His eyelids are almost always red and puffy and discharging goop. I don't know what it could be. It doesn't seem to be painful.

    I've got his appointment to be neutered this week and will bring it up with the vet then.

    Anyone know what this could be? Is it possibly just allergies? An infection? Something worse?

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    DefaultRe: Red, goopy eyes

    One of my dogs had conjunctivitis that took weeks of treatment to clear up. It could be that or allergies.

    Did the vet check to see if his eyelashes are not growing into his eyes?

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    DefaultRe: Red, goopy eyes

    If it was just yellow goop I would say allergies.

    Because of the redness and irritation I would say conjunctivitis. Is the med the vet gave you for conjunctivitis? It is contageous so wash your hands after applying meds / before touching other dogs.


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