Pup with flakey skin -- Normal or Food Related?
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Thread: Pup with flakey skin -- Normal or Food Related?

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    DefaultPup with flakey skin -- Normal or Food Related?

    Hi all - I have a 17 week old pup with really flakey skin. His coat is black, which I'm sure makes it much more noticible than if he was a lighter color but it is definitely a lot more dandruff than I have ever seen on any other dog. It looks like we sprinkled salt all over his little body! He does have a beautiful shiny coat aside from the flakes though.

    He has had this problem since we picked him up from the breeder and I asked the vet about it at his first appointment (8 weeks), but he assured me that it was completely normal for puppies to have dry and itchy skin. He said that he would grow out of it. At Gunner's appointment last week I asked the vet about it again and he said that he could still grow out of it or we could try switching to a new food (Science Diet of course).

    Has anyone else experienced something similar? We have been feeding him Innova LB Puppy, which (other than the flakey skin) he has been doing wonderful on--no tummy problems,firm poop, shiny coat. I am hesistant to switch him to something new if this truly is just a stage that he will grow out of.

    Any thoughts?

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    DefaultRe: Pup with flaky skin -- Normal or Food Related?

    I disagree with your vet. This is not normal for a pup.

    I had one pup in last litter with a bit of dry flakey skin. 1 - 2 tspns of apple cider viniger in food with water added cleared it up in a couple of weeks.

    Innova is a good food so I don't think that would be your problem. But every dog is different.


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