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Thread: Vomiting

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    My 4yr old chocolate, Jaxson, has thrown up twice this week(always in middle of the night). Both times, there is what looks like big chunks of wax. He acts fine otherwise, but of course we know it takes something big to keep our labs from eating! There is nothing in his yard that even resembles wax. Should I be concerned about this?

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    DefaultRe: Vomiting

    if it were just bile I'd suggest you feed him a little later in the day

    but chunks of wax must be undigested something - I'd try very hard to figure out what he might have gotten into and if I couldn't would probably head vet wards pretty quickly ...

    but my motto usually is better safe than sorry ...

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    I was going to say maybe feed him later in the evening. Our lab would throw up towards morning & our vet said it was empty stomach syndrome & to feed her closer to bedtime. We did & no more throw up. But she would just throw up yellow bile stuff.
    I agree with the above poster....try to see what possible he may have eaten....not sure about the wax. It sounds like he might have eaten something.
    PLease let us know how he is.


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