PLEASE READ: Death from Mushroom Poisoning
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Thread: PLEASE READ: Death from Mushroom Poisoning

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    DefaultPLEASE READ: Death from Mushroom Poisoning

    My beautiful love Bodie has died. Although I haven't been here for quite awhile, I wanted to make sure that people are aware of the danger of your dogs ingesting wild mushrooms. Because of the wet summer, the woods are positively rife with mushrooms of all kinds. Most are harmless, but many are deadly poisonous.

    We believe that our labs, Bodie and Mack ate something in the woods last Thursday while we were out hiking with them. While we are not certain that it was mushrooms (might also have been a badly contaminated animal carcass or bacteria-filled feces of some type) - the more information we gather, the more likely it seems it was probably mushrooms. At first I did not think that was possible because neither of them had ever shown any interest whatsoever in mushrooms. BUt then we remembered that a couple of weeks ago Bodie - for the first time in his life - rolled in a patch of rotting mushrooms. In hindsight, I guess that would indicate there must have been something "appealing" about them.

    Bodie and Mack began vomiting on Thursday night. We took them to our vet Friday morning, where they spent the morning being hydrated, getting bloodwork, etc. The bloodwork showed nothing terribly unusual or dangerous. When they left there late Friday afternoon, they were still feeling unwell, but the vet thought they would be okay. They were not. The toxin had not yet worked its way into their livers - it can sometimes take up to 24 hrs. or more - but when it did, our 6-year-old Bodie quickly went into organ shutdown and died. Please notice if your dog had excess salivation, which Bodie did, and which is one of the signs of one particular mushroom's poisoning. Little Mack spent 5 days at an emergency vet in our area and we brought him home yesterday with 5 prescriptions and a small ray of hope. He is a very sick boy - still a lot of diahrrea, very little appetite and a ALT (a liver test) level of 4000. A healthy dog's is around 100. When BOdie and Mack first arrived at the emergency clinic, their ALT level was over 10,000.

    Please hug your beautiful dogs and keep them safe in the woods. Most importantly, if you suspect mushroom poisoning, get them to your vet right away - and remember that the most deadly effects of mushrooms don't happen immediately after eating them. Dawn

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    DefaultRe: PLEASE READ: Death from Mushroom Poisoning

    I'm so sorry for your loss, and I thank you for sharing your story I will certainly be more cautious because of this. My best wishes for you and Mack.

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    DefaultRe: PLEASE READ: Death from Mushroom Poisoning

    I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and Mack. Prayers are with you all
    Thank you for sharing this with others. I sure wasn't aware of it.

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    DefaultRe: PLEASE READ: Death from Mushroom Poisoning

    OMG I am so very sorry for your loss. How terrible! :'(


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