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    Hi everyone! Before I even start my post I wanted to thank everyone who's replied to my previous posts...I'm new to being a puppy mom and all your advice and encouragement has really made the difference!! Thanks again!

    Ok, now to my question. When we first brought Remi home a couple of weeks ago we noticed scabby round patches on his belly that were extremely itchy. He would literally spend his entire day licking and chewing his belly and hind legs if we didn't stop him. At one point a small red area came out on his stomach, within a day there was a large pustule where the spot had been that (to my horror) Remi licked off the same day. The next day I brought him to the vets and the vet diagnosed him with a dermal staph infection. Remi was put on oral antibiotics twice a day for 10 days and we were instructed to give him a bath with ChlorhexiDerm shampoo a minimum of three times per week. He's been getting a bath every other day for the past three weeks and he's finished his oral antibiotic. But guess what....he's still itchy! The red sores and crusty spots are gone but he still chews on himself, mostly his legs, feet, tail, right around his little pee-pee and his collar area though not to the extent as before. I've checked the areas he is licking and chewing and I don't see redness or sores or anything. The only thing I can notice is the skin is a little warm. When we went to see the vet he had told us everything would clear up in a week or two and that we wouldn't need to come back.

    Has anyone ever dealt with this? I know someone had mentioned it in another post I had started but just wondering if there are others out there and what they're experience was. At this point I'm starting to wonder if he's got something completely different, like maybe a food allergy or something along those lines. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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    DefaultRe: Dermal Staph Infections

    It sure sounds as if something is being missed, doesn't it? I see from your profile that you live in the "Northeast". Below is a link to US/Can schools and colleges of VetMed; most have Teaching Hospitals with excellent diagnosticians and diagnostic facilities. Most will accept patients -- some even allow self-referral. In the link for each individual institution (usually under "Admissions") will be its policy on referrals, hours, etc.

    I've gone through dermal staph infections with Puff. Below is a copy of a post I've made several times:

    My yellow Puff used to get red zits over her belly and I didn't realize that they morphed into brownish splotches on her pink skin because at first I mistook the brown for smears of dirt rather than scabs. (Many were close to where her privates would be if she had anything private.)

    We "vet doctor" at K-State's CollVetMed Tchng Hospl. Our usually excellent vet there, a diplomate (highest level) in internal medicine, prescribed antibiotics the first time and again for the next two recurrences that followed shortly after. Each time, she took skin scrapings, had them lab tested, and said it was a staph infection.

    On Puff's 4th time in about 5 months, I asked to see a dermatologist. She concurred it was staph, got a detailed description of Puff's typical day, and decided it was most probably caused by Puff's running in the nature preserve early each morning, getting dew on her belly, and the dew picking up pollen, dust, etc., which caused the irritation and staph.

    She Rx'ed a 4th round of antibiotics but after that had me use a medicated shampoo (benzoyl peroxide) daily on Puff's belly, let it stay 10 minute before flushing it off and drying the wet areas. After the infection cleared, 3x/week or as needed at the first sign of recurrence.

    That really helped and we've had little problem the last 4 years. Also, I began taking Puff swimming after her early morning walks (which flushes off pollen and detritus) and thoroughly drying her (which also helps and which she likes better than the swimming -- she considers me to be her "Sweetish Masseur").

    Don't know if it's the same but could be ??
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    DefaultRe: Dermal Staph Infections

    My Kallie suffers from recurring Staph Infections..and let me tell you they are no fun!! She will be 4 in January and this was her first summer without a staph outbreak. We think Kallie's staph is caused by a combination of food and seasonal allergies, which makes her outbreaks only occur in the spring/summer..Kallie is also allergic to her own staph(if you can believe that)..and there is a small percentage of dogs who are allergic to their own staph..this makes her outbreaks alot worse and last longer..We had finally gotten her outbreaks undercontrol by diet and Canidae went and changed their formual..and bam..staph again!! We put Kallie on a simple protein one carb..she seems to do well on a Lamb and rice now she is on California Natural lamb and rice.. You may want to try a simple food to see if that helps with the could also be a seasonal allergy causing the itching..HTH!!


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