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Thread: Tapeworms....gross!

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    So Remi started dragging his rear around the house two days ago. We thought it might be dry skin or something like that because he's been getting daily medicated baths for a skin infection....wishful thinking. Today we were out at the barn and Remi pooped...I went to go pick it up and saw a little white thing (looked like rice) squirming around. I just about lost my cookies! So...go figure this happens on a Friday evening going into a holiday weekend and my vet won't be back in the office til Tuesday. I went to the pet store and they suggested I buy this stuff called D-Worm and give it to him, I was told it's the same thing the vets give. Anyone ever heard of it and/or used it? Short of it being a major gross factor is it safe to wait until next week to bring him to the vet or should I take him to the emergency vet? Never had to deal with worms so I'm kinda at a loss. I would love it if I could use this over-the-counter stuff but a friend of mine also told me I shouldn't risk it and just wait. Any advice?? :vomit:

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    I don't know about the over the counter stuff but be careful because you can catch taperworms from your pup.
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    DefaultRe: Tapeworms....gross!

    Strangly enough, I just dealt with this this week with Bono :vomit: My vet tech friend told me to buy the exactly same thing you're talking about and it cleared him right up...although he was a little gassy for a day or two.
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    DefaultRe: Tapeworms....gross!

    D-worm Tapeworm is praziquantel. That is most likely what your vet would 'perscribe' often in the form of 'drontal' but it is readily available OTC.


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