HELP! need advice/opinions worried about my Corona
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Thread: HELP! need advice/opinions worried about my Corona

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    DefaultHELP! need advice/opinions worried about my Corona

    (i posted this on Lab Chat as well, just wanted to repost here as well)

    I have a 2.5 year old lab (corona) I've posted a couple topics about her the past couple weeks.
    A couple weeks ago noticed her tail hanging straight down. she slept all weekend. She would still eat/potty/play the same. took her in for test, all her blood work came back great! That Tuesday her tail was back to normal and she wasn't sleeping as much. This Saturday she started sleeping a lot again. (I should say that she slept with us every night this week till it was time to get up as well, which isn't normal. 2 am she is ready to play most of the time!) Saturday night she slept till 6am, wanted outside. 8:30 Sunday she was snoozing inside again! She has been awake about 6 hours since Saturday night. Took her to the vet yesterday. thought maybe she had a UTI. the past 4-5 weeks she has had about 6 accidents where she may be sleeping or lounging and pees. (we thought it was the heat and the excessive play the first couple of times 95 degree weather) No Uti, but Vet thought she may have incontinence and she has the pills diethylstilbestrol (DES). 2 every week for 3 weeks then have to let the vet know how she is doing. Next will be xrays to see if she has any crystals.

    The sleeping all the time is what is worrying me. Has anyone with their labs noticed sleeping all the time with incontinence? She does everything else normal. If she hears something she jumps up out of the sleep to see what is going on. Still attacks boyfriend when he comes home, tries to get her daily hump on him LOL! Only person she humps!

    Any ideas/advice/opinions are welcome!!! thanks for reading!!

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    DefaultRe: HELP! need advice/opinions worried about my Corona

    Our 22 month old lab suffers from what we believe is spay incontinence. She is now on hormones and no longer leaks or pees in sleep. I can't say if I noticed her sleeping excessively during flare ups but I did notice an excessive amount of licking--like it must have been burning or bothering her.

    The hormones have all but stopped the incontinence and excessive licking.

    I will say, Sammy, is calming down a bit as she approaches 2--but I'm sure you know the difference between calming down and lethargic. Trust your gut and continue to seek answers with your vet if you think she's sick.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


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