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    DefaultAllergic to Something?

    I have a 13 week yellow pup who is the picture of health. However, there are two things that I've noticed and I wonder if they're related. The first thing is that he seems to have developed some sort of "rash"/bumps on his neck where his collar sits. It is red and irritated looking. I decided to take his collar off when he isn't on his leash to see if it helped. Today I noticed ( and in hindsight I realize it was happening all along) that he scratches his neck whenever the collar is on. The collar is a nylon collar with a plastic quick release clasp.

    I also notice that he tears a lot. When I purchased him from the breeder, I noticed he had tear stains on his face but I didn;t think too much of it. He still has them and yesterday, with his collar on, I noticed a tear running down his face. He has a doctors appointment in a few weeks and I will discuss this then but I was just curious if anyone else has a clue what could be going on? Could it all be related?

    Regardless of the tearing, I really want to get the collar problem solved. I hate for him to be miserable when its on. I will probably buy a new collar but does anyone have suggestions as to which kind I should buy?

    Thanks alot. I hope I can figure this out for his sake. He is the apple of my eye!

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    DefaultRe: Allergic to Something?

    It may very well be related. the tearing could also be like hayfever or other allergy like when we get stuffed up and teary eyed.

    as for the collar this was probably the first time that he has had a collar in his life so he may itch it to get it off of there. or he could have an allergy to the collar. If you wish, try a leather collar and if it happens again it is just the act of wearing it that he doesn't like.


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    DefaultRe: Allergic to Something?

    When Oona was a puppy we put the collar on her too early and she scratched herself raw. We waited another wek and she was OK with it.


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