Weird Dry Patches on Elbows
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Thread: Weird Dry Patches on Elbows

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    DefaultWeird Dry Patches on Elbows

    Off and on, Polly has had tiny patches of dry skin on one of her "elbows." Lately, they've seemed to multiply. There are now several on one front elbow, one or two on the other, and one forming on one of her back leg joints. They are very small spots, and their main characteristic seems to be rough, dry skin with a little hair loss. They are not bald spots, and none of them seem red or irritated, except one, which looks a bit like a healed scab. She doesn't fuss with them, so they don't seem to be bothering her. What are these spots, and are they normal?

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    DefaultRe: Weird Dry Patches on Elbows

    Try this site, and see if it is what you are describing. My Hoss has started to develop them and he has nice dog beds.
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    DefaultRe: Weird Dry Patches on Elbows

    If it's elbow calluses, I found that applying Bag Balm once a day helped. I discovered the beginnings of one (just rough, no baldness) on Shelby and started with the bag balm right away. It went away.

    Shelby also has 3 dog beds (yeah, I know, spoiled!) but she lays on our hardwoods a lot too because it's cooler. Anyway, I'd give Bag Balm a try.
    <br />~ Laurie &amp; Shelby ~

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    DefaultRe: Weird Dry Patches on Elbows

    Allie has them also, hers are from laying on the hard plastic bottom of her crate. We'll be getting a Primo pad for her crate in September to help prevent more and let the ones she has heal. Balm works really well to help them disappear.


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