I am finishing up the first bag of Evo Red Meat (ok ROCKY is finishing up the bag )

My intent is to rotate foods. Orijen for sure. Possibly Evo if it pans out and then I'll give Wellness Core a try. So Orijen is a go, we've been on it awhile with success.

So back to EVO red meat.

The switch went much faster than expected. For a dog that used to have the hardest time with new foods or treats, Rocky has come a long way and seems to be able to handle cold turkey change! yay!

Poops are solid and good. BUT, there is a slight bit of constipation. Takes him a minute or so longer to poop. He is skipping poops (used to be twice a day, now it's sometimes once a day).

Most importantly, his energy seems down.

Any thoughts? Should I try feeding more? what about the slight constipations? Do I try a second bag?