Live Bugs in seald dog food
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    DefaultLive Bugs in seald dog food

    first of all I have to say that I live in Romania, so you probably don t have to
    freack out, just advice me on what to do.
    togheter with a friend of mine we have a kennel of Golden Retrievers.
    We have been using this very popular brand for over one year now (super premium).
    When I wanted to place an order this week from our supplier (we have a kennel contract),
    they said that it was the last order that we can make with the old price, and
    beggining with the next order the price will be 20 % bigger.
    I think that even this was dishonest as we have made a contract and you can't say
    that the pricess change from one week to another without a notice.
    Anyway they said we could order more because of this change of price, and make a
    small stock.
    Even though we are considered in theyr contract to be a superpremium kennel (with
    the maximum of points based on the fact that we promote actively the brand, and order
    a big quantity) we always have to pay for the food exactly at the time of the delivery. (and
    that I don't think it's very friendly to us the costumer).
    Anyway, because they were going to up the pricess, I said ok, I will take
    9 large (20kg and 18 kg) bags of food.
    But later in the day bugs started comming out of the bags,
    I opened some and bugs are crowling inside, and this just on top of the bag,
    I didn't turned it over because I think that it would be a nightmare.
    I immediately called the man that handles the orders, (not someone with real decision power),
    and reported it, and he said that they would change the food.

    But what do you think I should do?
    should I let them change the food and keep quiet, and not report them to cusstumer protection?
    Should I trust the other stock, after seeing that they don't store the food properly.
    What other risks, are with food that is not properly seald and stored.
    Were my dogs in real mortal danger?
    Should the manufacturer of the food be warned by me, of this supplier in this part of the country?
    I know that in the past there were some information about toxines that apeard in food that had
    cereal and that weren't properly stored, but I can't find the info anymore. (if you could direct me to
    the articles that would be very good).
    also, it could be a problem with the supplier in this area and not the chane of food.
    Please advice me what to do. I am very upset by this problem. I can't imagine what it would have
    been for us if we lost one of our dogs, in an episode similar to the one with the Eukanuba recalls in
    your country.

    By saing seald food, I mean that the seal was inact, but the way the bag is folded, bugs can find
    theyr way inside from the sides, and also on some of the bags, they chew theyr way inside.
    I think the driver must have known about this, our car was filled with this black insects, like flies in dimmension,
    just after 2-3 hours. we counted hundreeds of insects just in between 2 bags that were one on top of a nother,
    without being opened.

    Thank you, waiting for your oppinions.

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    DefaultRe: Live Bugs in seald dog food


    Yes, I would find another supplier and report them to whatever authorities you have there. It is possible that the food was contaminated at the factory, I guess - but it should not be getting past the distributor to you.


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