production shortage of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice
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Thread: production shortage of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice

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    Defaultproduction shortage of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice

    Hi! I'm taking care of my sis' dog this week and went to pick up some addtl food for her and found there is a production shortage? Nutro's site says its lamb.....Petco says its corn.........I'm not sure what to believe.
    I'll search around again tomorrow but may have to switch her food if I can't locate a bag..went to a few Petco's today...will try Petsmart and some locals tomorrow...anyone familiar....

    my pups on shortages there

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    DefaultRe: production shortage of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice

    Check some of the small independent pet shops. You might lick out there and not have to switch food for a dog you are temporarily caring for.
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    DefaultRe: production shortage of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice

    I personally think it is bull. I think they are still hiding something. They are now a Mars company. If Pedigree/Mars has no shortages and they make a TON of food why does Nutro.
    Consumer affairs still continues to get complaints on Nutro dog food.
    As of about two months ago they said ALL their ingredient issues had been resolved. They were having no more problems sourcing them.
    Then they turned around weeks later and changed their story.
    I have heard of dogs still getting sick on foods and thought maybe it was still just people hitting the panic button until a few days ago when some one I see regularly said she started her dog on nutro 8 weeks ago. It became so ill the doctors could not figure out what was wrong. They figured the food. She has been cooking for her dog since. The dog is now 16 months old. She slowly started it back on Nutro and it became very VERY ill again after a few days. But she told me of another friend who was having Nutro issues.

    She started Wellness this week and so far I have not heard any bad report.

    So I went online the other day and did some diggin.

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    DefaultRe: production shortage of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice


    First let me say that I own a Great Dane and a Rottie (not a lab), but was looking up info on the net about my recent situation and came across this forum and decided to add my experience from just last night.

    We have been feeding our dane and rottie (now both 2) the Nutro Large Breed Lamb and Rice their entire life. They have had no problems until recently. In my area (Syracuse,NY) it has been very difficult to get the large breed lamb and rice due to their "production problems". At our local store they have a promo where you buy 10 bags and get the 11th free. Well we had decided to switch them off the large breed lamb and rice because it is too hard to find, so we were going to use the free 11th bag to slowly mix in with another kind of food so there would not be a sudden switch. The problem is that we could not get another bag of that type, so we had to settle for the Nutro large breed regular (blue bag).

    Within a 1/2 hour of feeding our dogs their breakfast, the dane began to throw up all of the food. We kept a close eye on her and decided that the food didnt agree with her and would not continue to feed it to her. Around 4:30pm we started to notice bumps/hives starting to appear on her body. We gave her a very small bland diet of rice and some benedryl. Hours later the "bumps/hives" had become more obvious and spread more.

    At 11:20pm she threw up again 2 times and after the 2nd time she collapsed and started to have violent seizures. We immediatly took her to our local animal hospital and as it stands now (some hours later), she appears to be ok. They kept her overnight for observation.

    I realize there are many things that can trigger a dog to get sick after eating food of any type, but it does concern me the number of people that are having recent issues with Nutro after many years of none. The sudden shock and change of foods could have made her sick, as she has a sensitive stomach. Again we would have slowly weened her onto another food if the large breed lamb and rice was available.

    The vet did say that the seizure could be a result of the severe vomiting. Anyway, we are switching off of this brand right away due to the recent comments I have read, and the lack of availability of the food at our local stores.

    We still have the 40lb bag, and plan to have it tested and to contact the company. Again, I don't have concrete proof to say it was the food, but it is a cause for concern. I am also concerned over the company's "production" issues and what is behind it.

    We have been happy with the food until recently, and would just say one more time for owners keep in mind the experiences of others.

    Just my 2 cents..


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    DefaultRe: production shortage of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice

    I have to agree with Kim here. I wouldn't feed that food if it were given to me for free. They used to be a decent company, but over the past 10 years they have deteriorated, IMO. My biggest bitch is that they regularly lie to their customers.


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    DefaultRe: production shortage of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice

    I tried the girls on Nutro (the LB, blue bag) a year or two ago. Won't ever put any dog on that food again! The girls were literally puking up yellow bile after every meal- not to mention they were starting to refuse meals! Thought it was the canned food, so stopped feeding that and took the sickest girl into the vet. Fortunately, nothing was found in her work-ups, but Nutro denied our claim to reimburse us for the vet bill- which we never would have had if the dogs didn't sick off the food to begin with. And even though we'd stopped feeding the canned, the girls were still vomiting. Finally decided to stop fighting with the girls to eat it and wanting the vomiting to cease, we bought a bag of Pro Plan (which has been our staple feed, even though we're currently trying something else). The girls were back to normal after the first meal of the PP. I couldn't believe how quickly I saw a transformation!

    Also, Nutro may guarantee that dog will have shiny coat, but they don't guarantee that it will be a healthy shine. Our girls' coats were shiny alright...They were like straw to the touch- not healthy at all!

    Nope, gotta agree with Labby here. I wouldn't feed it if it were given to me for free! I would feed Beneful before I feed Nutro ever again!
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