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    DefaultHeart Arrythmia

    Nugget, my 1 year old yellow lab was just dx with a heart arrythmia. The vet would like to get a EKG. Anyone here with a dog with a heart arrythmia?


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    DefaultRe: Heart Arrythmia

    YES YES YES!!! I posted about the same topic a long time ago and never got any response. I've been waiting for someone to trade info with!

    Buffy's vet heard the arr. and sent her to a cardiologist where they did an EKG and ultrasound. The ultrasound was good, thankfully because arr. can be caused by heart disease. Also, there are a few systemic diseases that can cause an arr.

    Her heartbeat was as high as 250 bpm. They put a Holter device on her which is a heartrate monitor that records her heart for 24 hours. During this time, you take notes on her activity so they can see when the arr. is occurring. In Buffy's case, it was all the time. So, they put her on Sotalol and then put the Holter on again to make sure the dosage was good. The meds are lifelong. I pay $39 every 2 months.

    It is not as bad as it sounds! I was scared to death, thinking we were going to lose her immediately after the diagnosis but all is well. She goes for her annual checkup next week. Please keep me posted on Nugget!!!


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